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Stuart began producing  fine art while residing in Amsterdam, Holland in the mid to late ‘70s. Having earned a B.B.A. degree from Hofstra University in New York and working briefly in the music industry writing songs and commercials, he decided to put his imagination on paper and canvas and seriously study drawing and painting with the goal of not only showing and selling unique pieces but also creating an extensive body of work. He exhibited in several galleries and spaces in Holland.  After moving with his wife Ans to Los Angeles in 1977, Stuart continued to  create art works and mount numerous shows while working in the entertainment industry on movies, documentaries, TV shows and music videos, earning 2 silver medals at the New York and Chicago International Film Festivals and a Cine Golden Eagle Award for his films as well. These featured animated watercolor paintings on glass set to music and narration soundtracks. Other productions with animation include "The Spirits of Machu Picchu" and "Kabala," both produced in Miami, FL. with Mark Diamond and viewable on YouTube.


Stuart's catalog includes oil and acrylic paintings on canvas and masonite, pastels on paper, drawings in pen and ink, pencil, Prisma Pencils, and multitudes of finished drawings in sketch pads. Work has been previously exhibited in galleries in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, CA, Amsterdam, Holland, SoHo, NYC, and Portland, OR. and is part of a major art collection; the Barakat Collection, Beverly Hills, CA. 

Stuart has also been a musician all his life, He is a Master Drummer, having played drum set primarily as well as congas and djembe in concerts, studios and numerous classes and workshops. He has played on a professional level since age 7 alongside some of the world's top musicians in the US and Europe, including renowned Master Drummers from Nigeria, Senegal, Ghana and Benin, West Africa.

Artist Statement:


The images come from my mind's eye directly onto the paper as improvisation. There is very little planning besides a loose sketch of the vision in some pieces. More often, with my drawings, it all starts at a point on the paper and goes free-form from there. I choose drawing as the medium in most cases because it is the most primal gesture; a line on a clean surface that when filtered through thoughts and emotions, metamorphoses into an original work of art. The rhythm of the drum is always flowing through me guiding my hand.


Resume and exhibit history available on request.

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